Eternal Bond with Shouko Takahashi

6.18.11:00–6.22.11:00 UTC

Your eternal bond with Shouko Takahashi. Shouko’s first series NFT meets the traditional POW consensus!

Shouko ’s first NFT series will be released soon. This will be the proof of your eternal relationship with Shouko. You can participate in this event with a minimum of 1USDT, and you have the opportunity to get a private customized NFT at the live broadcast of Shouko at 20:00 PM Tokyo time on June 22. In the live broadcast, publicly calculate the final result to determine who will always own this eternity (private customized NFT)

“Eternal Bond, forging together”

Activity Participation Instructions

1. Transfer USDT / TOKAU to the official designated address on the BSC network to participate in the event.

2. Event wallet address: 0xF85605A0c78E0B0c376E3B3A0B8eb31269c7433e

3. The user transfer amount range is 3 million TOKAU to 9 billion TOKAU (or 1USDT to 3000USDT). Note: The transfer amount needs to be increased by multiples.

4. In USDT, the participation amount less than 1000U, every 1U value will get a chance to draw the lottery;

In the range of 1000U-2000U, every 2U will get a chance to draw a lottery;

In the range of 2000U-3000U, every 3U will get a chance to draw a lottery;

Single address upper limit is 3000U.

5. Points accumulation: Each draw has a chance to get: 0 points, 1 point, 4 points, 9 points, 16 points. All points are accumulated and sorted, and the first place in the ranking can get the Private customized NFT of Shouko Takahashi.

6. On June 22th, during the live broadcast of Shouko Takahashi, the currency transfer activity will be terminated and the final variables for the activity algorithm will be determined. After that, our staff will calculates the final score of each user, and the one with the highest score will get the ultimate NFT, and the top 100 score list will be announced before the end of the live broadcast. On June 24th, the

corresponding NFT and other prizes will be distributed to the winning wallet address.

Event prizes

This event generated 5 award-winning users

Top1: Shouko Takahashi’s Private customized NFT

Top2: Shouko Takahashi’s lip print + one signature NFT

Top3~5: Get 5%, 3%, 2% of the final tokau token received

Shouko Takahashi NFT activity detailed introduction

  1. Activity introduction:
    This event will use the web3.utils.soliditySha3 algorithm to perform each calculation for each user in the form of “${89–58–86}${user address}${BNB- ETH — BTC}${nonce}” Perform a hash operation, and finally get the cumulative points of each user address.
  2. Required currency for transfer:
    Event wallet address: 0xF85605A0c78E0B0c376E3B3A0B8eb31269c7433e
    Participants transfer the specified currency to the official wallet address on the BSC network: TOKAU(transfer unit: 3,000,000),USDT(transfer unit: 1), Users should pay attention to the transfers should be multiples of transfer unit, the more transfers, the more calculates they will get.
  3. The rules of currency transfer limit:
    The upper limit of user transfer currency is 9 billion TOKAU (or 3000USDT), 3 million TOKAU corresponds to 1 calculate, 1USDT corresponds to 1 calculate, Stepwise attenuation every 1000 calculates. The first attenuation is x0.5, and the second attenuation is x0.33, till the hashrate reaches the top of 1833. Such as: the amount of transferred currency is 9 billion TOKAU/3000USDT, the computing power is 1833).
  4. Parameter description:Required currency for transfer:
    {89–58–86}: Parameters of Shouko Takahashi , as a three-digit parameter
    {wallet address}: user wallet address
    {BNB- ETH — BTC}: 6.22 11:05 UTC, the real-time screenshot, read the currency price of BNB- ETH — BTC as a three-digit random number at the live broadcast
    {nonce}: Seed parameter, start from 0, increase 1 for each operation.
  5. Hash result introduction:
    The first 4 digits of the calculated hash result (excluding the 0x at the beginning) are compared with the first 4 digits of the TOKAU contract address (C409) (where c is same as C), regardless of the character order. Assuming that the result of the first four characters of a certain hash operation is “4444”, only 1 character will be counted
  6. Points rules:
    The nonce is incremented by 1 for each calculate, and the first 4 characters (excluding 0x) of the hash of the calculate and the official contract address (excluding 0x) are compared, regardless of the character hitting order, the score for hitting 4 characters is +16, and that for hitting 3 characters is +9 Score +4 for hitting 2 characters, score +1 for hitting 1 character (accumulative score for each calculate)
    Example: The parameters of Shouko Takahashi are: 89–58–86
    The screenshot data is: BNB=394.29, ETH=2634.08, BTC=35868.43,
    Seed data nonce=0,
    The string wait for hash is: “8958860x9dD19e479De6d8D28FF837Ca9a00dfD7b3c3684c394.292634.0835868.430”
    the hash result is: “0xf908ba9e99b56dbbab4d9d28670e55e76823764fae69b7863cf7c7bf8acf6bf7”, and the first 4 characters match with the first 4 characters of the TOKAU contract ‘0’ and ‘9’ matched, this calculation get 4 points).
  7. After all users participate, the cumulative calculation is performed on each user. The user with the highest score obtains the NFT. Subject to the final official ranking. If there is any doubt, the verification result can be calculated according to the rules.
  8. We will stop counting and lock transaction records till 11:00 am on June 22, 2021 UTC (note: transfers overtime will not be refunded).
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